We are not good neighbors or stewards of this amazing blue and green planet

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With disbelief I see the world slide further into the abyss and the climate change is almost not addressed but is more used as a revenue model of goverments. We really have to get up with all of us now to secure the future of our children.

We are not good neighbors or stewards of this amazing blue and green planet. That doesn’t need to be the case if we act now to reverse the careless purposely uninformed policies of climate change denial and environmental destruction that currently holds sway. Whether one believes the CO2 concentration buildup is a natural cycle or man’s use of fossil fuels (57 percent if Americans agree that global warming is human caused, 70 percent agree that global warming is happening) the prudent conservative action would be to enact policy to encourage less usage of fossil fuels because global warming is causing major negative impacts, just ask the U.S. Defense Department.

To the editor — Will the legacy of my generation, the “Boomers” be gifting to our children and grandchildren a world that will be almost unrecognizable in fifty short years? Various world and national agencies estimate that the Earth animal and plant life extinction is 1,000 times the normal […]

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