Politics has had a polarizing effect on climate change : people are generally doubters or believers

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Examples of how nature bounces back when humans excuse themselves are also showcased, such as a close look at a protected area that has become a shark nursery and a lush forest and ecosystem that has grown in the area around Chernobyl in the 33 years since a nuclear accident made it impossible for humans to stick around for more than a little while at a time. The point, however, is the same: Humans are ruining things for everyone else.

When it comes to climate change, politics has had a polarizing effect: people are generally doubters or believers. Polar bears, on the other hand, haven’t made their politics known. They had, however, become the poster animal for conservationists who have been sounding a warning about melting ice caps — […]


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1 Comment

  1. 3C and the BS that goes with it.
    by Jay Lindberg
    The Arctic circle represents 2.8% of the surface of planet earth and Permafrost regions outside the Arctic circle represent maybe 5% of the surface of planet Earth. This region, (1) approximately 1/15th of the planet (2) holds enough carbon ready for microbial processing and methane hydrates (3) to turn the planet into a fireball at least a dozen times, (4) 2C is bullshit and worthless data.
    The Arctic circle and permafrost region is where most of the warming of the planet will take place first for obvious reasons. We are already seeing methane readings around Svalbard (almost a million square kilometers) that are either off scale or classified as QC fail. Almost the entire permafrost regions in the northern hemisphere are also off scale or QC fail as well.
    THIS IS IMPORTANT- QC FAIL is a public relations term. It means methane releases are way to high to be revealed to the public. That releasing this info would scare the public to the point of a real rebellion with lynch mobs and firing squads. So this corrupt government states the methane releases in the QC fail zones are 0. That’s right, this government has decided Wall Street profits Trump (very appropriate here) the survival of the living planet.
    Before 2C or 3C effects the global biosphere, we will see (1) 10C, 15C and 20C temperature anomalies in the permafrost regions (2) not only in the winter months like we are seeing now. (3) We will see those temperatures in the summer months because the Ice that kept the warming under control will be gone.
    This is how species extinction will play out in the Northern Hemisphere. (1) Hot bulb effect will kill off masses of people. and destroy most of our agricultural production. (2) civilization will collapse and starvation will embrace most nations in the northern hemisphere. (3) Fires will burn our forests, crops, cities and our lives. (4) Nuclear waste from nuclear reactors and cooling pond fires will fill the biosphere and atmosphere with lethal levels of radiological waste for maybe 100,000 years. (think NUCLEAR RAID like the bug spray). –
    (5) The radiological waste from advanced civilization (a fucking joke) will sterilize the southern hemisphere in a couple of years. (6) The rich assholes that built their bunkers in the extreme southern hemisphere will be the fossil remains for an advanced reptilian civilization that emerges a couple million years from now.
    Now it is time to get the true understanding of the statement from Guy McPherson, (Its all your fault) NATURE BATS LAST. We thought we had conquered nature going into the bottom of the ninth inning. it is time for the wise apes (joke) to take the field and mother nature is up to bat. The only problem is that the wise apes killed themselves off in the top of the ninth inning. Mother nature is up to bat and the “wise apes” are dead. Now you understand what “NATURE BATS LAST” really means.

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