California is better off without offshore oil drilling, and so is our atmosphere

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This weekend marks the fourth anniversary of the May 19, 2015 Plains pipeline failure that released more than 120,000 gallons of oil near Refugio State Beach, killing hundreds of birds and marine mammals. The Center for Biological Diversity calculated the global warming benefit of halting oil production off the Santa Barbara coast in 2015 based on the pipeline’s average throughput of 43,189 barrels of oil per day since 2000. In the four years since the pipeline went offline, an estimated 2.65 billion gallons of oil stayed in the ground beneath these platforms.

Plains All American Pipeline, which a Santa Barbara jury found criminally liable for the failure of its severely corroded pipeline, has applied to build a new pipeline along the same route to bring ExxonMobil’s three offshore oil platforms back online. In the interim, ExxonMobil is also seeking to restart its platforms by trucking oil through California. The other four offshore platforms shuttered by the spill are being decommissioned.

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. — The closure of Plains All American Pipeline’s coastal California oil pipeline after it ruptured four years ago has prevented massive emissions of climate pollution. If the seven offshore drilling platforms served by the pipeline had not gone idle, they would have added 27 million metric […]

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