India’s CO2 emissions is predicted to roughly double by 2040

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If this does not ring all alarm bells, I really don’t know anymore?

It is probably not India alone that will double its CO2 emissions by 2040 but all the economics upcoming countries and i am not even talking about population growth in the world.

Hundreds of lorries each day haul tens of thousands of tonnes of coal out of massive open cast mines in the Korba district, Chhatisgarh state in central India.

At night, the place illuminates with so much light that one can see plumes of smoke coming out of coal-fired power plants – just like in daylight.

More than 70% of it comes from coal burning, according to independent think tanks and global energy agencies. The Indian government puts the figure at below 55%.

“Coal-fired power plants have always received the government’s backing,” says Sunil Dahiya, clean energy and climate campaigner with Greenpeace.

“And coal demand is not going to decrease right now.”

India’s major political parties competing in the ongoing general elections have pledged free electricity to farmers, ambitious infrastructure projects and rapid expansion of the manufacturing sector. What impact could this have on carbon emissions in India, already the world’s […]

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