It is high time that something finally happened to the greasy pollution of cars and trucks

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Probably we all have to go out on the street with gas masks if we go shopping if no action is taken quickly!

Even though the future looks bleak. The only thing I have seen in the last few months on TV and articles is the observation of total poisoning of the world while there are, in addition, few solutions to it from governments and city councils.

The significant pollution change is being driven by more car commutes, the popularity of home-delivery services such as Amazon and ride-hailing alternatives like Uber and Lyft. That’s a dramatic shift in the Midwest given that coal has been a far greater source of greenhouse gases in the region. In Illinois, coal was the leading source of carbon emissions for every year but one since 1980 when the federal government began publishing state-level records.

“What we’re seeing in Illinois is what we’ll see in other Midwest states in the future,” said Gabriel Filippelli, professor of earth science and director for the Center for Urban Health at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. Coal will be replaced with other sources of cleaner energy, he said, but as vehicle emissions rise, reduction of fossil fuels in cars and trucks is a problem that must be tackled.

If Illinois is to seriously crack down on greenhouse gas emissions, it has to start with the tailpipes of cars and trucks and the same day-delivery desires of home shoppers even as policy makers set their sights on retiring an already dwindling number of coal-burning power plants. Economic upheaval […]

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