Climate “refugee” is used to stir up xenophobia

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We only get more names for the different refugees in the world but the climate refugee now reaches your television screen daily. Due to flooding and high temperatures in various third world countries, the impact of climate change is slowly becoming apparent.

How many climate refugees are there? Worried About Number of Dying Earth’s Refugees A. Dear WANDER, You actually raise two important questions here: One, do we know how many people have been forced to relocate due to climate change?

Debating semantics may seem useless when we’re talking about the future of our planet and its people. But the words we choose can greatly influence the actions we are inspired to take in response.

There are pros and cons to calling those forced to move due to climate change “refugees.” On the one hand, it certainly communicates the urgency of the climate situation — ecosystems are changing so quickly and so unprecedentedly that many people don’t recognize the places they once called home.

The word “refugee” fits the idea of millions of people being forced to leave their homes due to climate change, and that is certainly a convincing argument that we are facing a dire, global emergency.

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