If a government isn’t planning to bring its own emissions to net zero, it can’t really claim to be planning of stopping climate change

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If you look around you to see what countries are actually doing to lower their carbon emissions, you already know that at least 80% will not achieve the target for 2050. Either the lying and cheating of governments to their own people just goes on so that the big companies or should I say polluters can book their annual profit in their bank account.

All total, almost one-sixth (16 percent) of global GDP is covered by net zero emissions targets set by nations, regions and cities, according to a new analysis called “Countdown to Zero: Plotting progress towards delivering net zero emissions by 2050,” published by the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU).

The analysis shows that 15 countries have either proposed legislation to be net zero by 2050, enshrined the target in a policy document or are otherwise considering it, and that number is certain to grow. Last week, 24 of the 28 countries comprising the European Union endorsed a proposal to make their entire block carbon neutral by 2050.

In addition to these countries, 11 subnational jurisdictions, meaning states and regions such as California, Catalunya and Scotland, as well as 23 major cities including Barcelona, Los Angeles and Chicago, have made similar commitments.

The countries of Bhutan and Suriname are already carbon negative, meaning their economies absorb more greenhouse gasses than they admit, while Norway and Sweden have legally committed to having net zero emissions by 2030 and 2045, respectively, meaning they have committed to bringing their emissions as close […]

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