The more CO2 we emit from burning coal and oil and gas, the more we heat our climate

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We read it everywhere nowadays that the world is getting warmer due to CO2 emissions. In discussion groups and on social media everybody has an opinion about it and some even a solution. If we really want to make another turn, every person has to look inside to see where he can make a difference and make a contribution to reducing his CO2.

There are plenty of opportunities to achieve this from carbon offset websites to interesting blockchain projects that shoot up left and right to take on the fight with climate change.

Keep in mind that programmers and blockchain developers can use a lot of new technology to combat climate change, but they cannot do this alone because without supporters, the various new projects that have been created and that will often be worked on for years will go out as a night candle

“Bringing CO2 emissions, from industry to transport, to net zero requires urgent action — a couple of years more or less to achieve this do not make a difference for the actions we have to take now,” says Elmar Kriegler from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) in Germany, he’s one of the study’s authors. “Yet, untangling different carbon budget calculations is more than just an academic issue. It tells us about the risks.” One main insight of the study now published in Nature is that feedbacks in the Earth system, such as permafrost thawing that releases the powerful greenhouse gas methane, might be an underestimated major factor for carbon budgets.

The more CO 2 we emit from burning coal and oil and gas, the more we heat our climate — this sounds simple, and it is. Different analyzes have come up with different estimates of how much CO 2 humankind can still emit if we want to hold global […]

To be successful in reducing CO2 emissions in the world, we need a large network of supporters.

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