Deadly algae blooms Is Spreading Around the World because of Extremely high Temperatures

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And the next outbreak of an epidemic is coming with now even fatalities due to the high temperature. And then they talk about it in the news that in 10 to 20 years the effects of climate change become apparent ? I think it is already happening now in the world and we as humans have not a minute to lose and all alarms bels worldwide now really have to go off.

Six beaches have been shut down in the French region of Brittany because of alarming algae blooms that have been tentatively linked to two deaths, according to CNN.

Initially, the two men who died, aged 18 and 70, were thought to have drowned while swimming, a tragic but common occurrence in the country. But teams are now looking into exactly how they died, and scientists are pointing to the harmful pollutants released by the algae blooms in the area as a potential culprit.

The six beaches are currently fenced off and feature signs that warn of toxic gas, according to CNN.

Algae blooms β€” excessive algae growth β€” thrive during the summer months when ordinary algae populations suddenly grow disproportionately, fueled by industrial or agricultural runoff or other environmental stressors, such as extremely high temperatures. The exponential growth of algae drains oxygen from its environment, causing mass die-offs of local wildlife, while also emitting gases and releasing poisons that are potentially lethal to humans.Β […]

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