Finally people realizing what the blockchain can do to tackle climate change problems

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Good to hear that the rest of the world is finally also realizing what the blockchain can do to tackle climate change problems. I know from my own experience how important this is for our future and of course for the future of our children. Now that I am in lockdown myself, I have decided to invest more time again to make people aware of how important it is to reduce CO2 emissions in the world.

I worked on this project in the past 1 year ago EnergyCash and wrote a small daily reaction to the issues of the day around climate change. This will be my first article in a long time.

It is a special time in my opinion with many changes around us some can define as positive but there are also negative aspects, just think of the lockdown that is now going on. All those entrepreneurs who have been left out in the cold. Let’s all be strong in this difficult time and let’s search together for new creative solutions to tackle the problems.


International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) launched its new Carbon Council initiative to celebrate Earth Day’s 50th anniversary, which will work on bringing higher liquidity to the carbon market through the use of blockchain. ICC is an institutional representative of more than 45 million companies in 100 countries. Considering their […]

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