Utility token with multiple benefits

Environmental change is one of the greatest difficulties of today: temperatures are rising, and we are progressively looked with flighty precipitation, flooding and outrageous dry spell. These occasions result in fizzled harvests, sustenance deficiencies, and harm to our environments.

Environmental change influences every one of us, however individuals in creating nations are substantially more defenseless against its outcomes. To keep the temperature-ascend beneath 2 degrees, we should make a move now.

Energy Cash token is a utility token that serves as a priority access to  renewable energy projects. Energy Cash is a blockchain platform that  lessens your Carbon Footprint. You can earn Energy Cash tokens by using the Energy Cash browser extension our to offset or use our calculator to determine your footprint.

In addition to reducing your carbon footprint alone you can use your tokens over time to invest in new projects or to sell your tokens on the exchange. Of course we do not yet know how this will turn out in the future, but we will do everything we can to ensure that the Energy Cash Token retains a fixed value.

The Energy Cash token holders benefit from investments made in the various renewable energy projects and start reducing there greenhouse gas emissions. The difference with other CO2 reduction projects is that after you have done a carbon offset, you are still in possession of the Energy Cash tokens and you can redeem them on the exchange. In addition, we use smart contracts in the blockchain to guarantee transperance in our actions.

Reduce CO2 emissions in the world and become familiar with cryptocurrency at the same time! 👌

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